My Metro My Responsibility

Commuters using Metro trains are expected to travel with valid ticket at all times and should be mindful of the rules and regulations when travelling.

Please form queues at ticket counters, AFC gates (at entry and exit points) and while entering the train.

Compliance with all requirements of the metro and its regulations is a must.

  • Tickets are available at Ticket Counters at all stations. Smart Cards are available at Customer Care Counters.

  • Please purchase a valid ticket or a Smart Card with sufficient credit to travel on the Metro. Ticketless travel is an offense and is punishable with a fine.

  • All commuters must validate their tickets at AFC gates at the start and end of each journey. If you do not validate the ticket at entry, the gates will prevent you from exiting and a penalty will be charged. Transport operators use validation as confirmation of your rights to travel on the metro, and it helps us to determine travel patterns for future planning.

  • Please produce your tickets to authorized Metro employee, when requested to do so.

  • Children under 3 feet accompanied by an adult shall be allowed to enter the system free of cost. They must enter through the wide gate near Customer Care Counter.

  • Children above 3 feet height must possess a valid ticket for travelling on the metro.

  • All tickets issued by or on behalf of Mumbai Metro One shall remain the property of the Metro.

  • Please do not use or attempt to use a ticket for more journeys than permitted by the ticket. It would be treated as ticketless travel.

  • While travelling on the Metro, you are permitted to carry baggage up to 25 kgs in weight on the Metro.
    The dimensions shall not exceed 80 cm (Length) X 50 cm (Breadth) X 30 cm (Height).

  • Do not leave your baggage, goods or property unattended.

  • Carrying of firearms without necessary metro security approval is strictly prohibited.

  • Carrying of inflammable materials like petrol, kerosene, fire crackers etc. are strictly prohibited. Offenders shall be fined.

  • Do not carry leaking bags or items emitting foul smell.

  • Please take care of your valuables.

  • Please inform Metro security or Metro employee if you find any unattended or suspicious baggage or articles.

  • Please stand away from the train doors to allow passengers to alight first, before boarding the train. Once inside the train move away from the doors. Do not block doors and prevent them from closing as it will delay the departure of the train.

  • Do not try to force open the train doors.

  • Do not board or alight from or attempt to board or alight from the train, when a warning tone indicating that the doors of train are about to close has been sounded.

  • Do not travel on the roof of the train.

  • Please use dustbins. We solicit your assistance to ensure cleanliness of the Metro system.

  • Please vacate seats for senior citizens, specially abled commuters, commuters with infants and pregnant women.

  • Unaccompanied children depend on you, kindly assist them wherever possible.

  • Hawking on the Metro premises and in the train is prohibited & is a punishable offence with penalty

  • Please contact any Metro employee, Security personnel or Customer Care Officer for any assistance.

  • Consumption of eatables and drinks is prohibited inside the trains and is punishable. This is to ensure cleanliness of the trains.

  • Pets are prohibited inside station premises and trains.

  • The Metro system is a SMOKE FREE ZONE. Smoking is strictly prohibited and is an offence by law.

  • Do not deface or put up posters inside the Metro station or in the trains.

  • Keep away from the tactile path meant for the visually impaired.

  • Lifts are meant for use by senior citizens, unwell and the specially abled.

  • Do not touch the LCD screens.

  • Please abstain from drunken and unruly behaviour.

  • It is an offence to jump over the ticket barriers.

  • Do not share your card with another commuter on the same journey as it might get mixed up resulting in inconvenience while exiting.

  • It is an offence to purchase ticket that has been sold by unauthorized person.

  • Do not cross from one platform to the other using the Metro tracks.

  • Hawking of wares on the Metro premises and in the train is prohibited. The offence is punishable with a penalty.

  • Do not disregard any announcements made or directions given by authorized Metro officials.

  • Do not use or attempt to use any means of emergency communication with the driver of the train, without reasonable and sufficient cause. It is to be used only in case of any medical emergency.

  • When using the escalators, always stand on the left side and walk on the right side. Please move away from escalators immediately after use.