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Types of Ticket

The best way to travel on the metro is with a Smart Card. This is an electronic card that can be obtained over the counter from Customer Care of any metro station or through authorized channel. Smart Card can be obtained by paying a security deposit of Rs. 50/-.

Smart Card can be used as Store Value Pass or Trip Pass.

Store Value Pass is an electronic purse with some pre-loaded monetary value, as per your choice. Each time you use the metro, the ticket value will be deducted from the monetary value stored in the Smart Card at the exit gate as per the fare chart. The minimum recharge value is Rs. 100/- and maximum monetary value that can be stored is Rs. 3000/-.

Trip Pass is loaded with 45 trips which is valid only for 30 days from time of purchase/reload. Once Trip pass is purchased, origin and destination station cannot be changed.

The security deposit of Rs. 50/- can be refunded as per applicable rules.

Buying a Smart Card will help you save time by avoiding queues at ticket counters.

For more information on CSC please check the “Smart Card” section in FAQs.

This is a pre-paid fare ticket as per fare chart for journeys between a fixed set of stations. This can be purchased for a single/return journey and is valid for one business day i.e. end of operational hours on the same day. Journey should commence within 2 hours from issue time. It is suitable option for occasional metro users.

Mobile phone can be used as a ticket, at entry and exit collection gates. This facility is available on PayTm and Ridlr Apps. “Skiiip Q” helps commuters book online tickets at their convenience, thus saving time.

Ticket Purchase/ Recharge

Customers must approach the ticket counters at the metro station for ticket purchase/ recharge. They can also request for a receipt, if required.

TIMs can be used for recharge of Store Value Pass, thereby enabling customers to avoid queues at the Ticket/ Customer Care counters.

Recharge of Store Value Pass:

  1. Select ‘English’ or ‘Hindi’ or ‘Marathi’ for language option.
  2. Select ‘Reload Card’ and insert your Smart Card in the TIM once prompted.
  3. The TIM will then display information regarding the Smart Card.
  4. Press the ‘Money’ button for reload in multiples of Rs. 100/-.
  5. Based on the displayed amount, press ‘OK’ for payment.
  6. Insert ‘Bank Notes’ for payment.
  7. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for ‘Print Receipt’
  8. Remove Smart Card and receipt.

Customer needs to follow 4 simple steps to recharge their Store Value Pass.

  1. Click on InstaCharge
  2. Enter card number.
  3. Choose the relevant recharge options.
  4. Pay.